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Property/Complex Management (Facilities and Leasehold Management)
  Residential Complexes
​  Mixed-Use (retail, commercial, residential)
  High Rise / Commercial Office (Class A, B, and C)
  High-end Retail / Restaurant 

Forward Design/Layout and Maintenance Planning

Operational and Reserves Budget (Pre and Post-construction)
  Operational Cost Reduction Programs and Policy Deployment 
  DRE Budget* Preparation (Operating and Reserve-based)

System Level Review (Pre and Post-construction Design Implementation)
  Environmental and Toxin Management
  Water, Electrical, Waste Management
  Air Management (clean-room, heating, cooling, and green-conversions)
  “Green” Implementation & Integration (power, electrical, materials)
  Recycling, Re-using/re-capturing power/energy implementations
  Good Corporate Citizenship Programs and Credits

 “Never stop learning, observing, designing, and deploying solutions to meet our Client’s needs and demands.”
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Why You Need Property Management 
Let’s face it, owning and/or renting out a home can require a lot of extra work than originally bargained for. Anything that can break could do so, and never at a "convenient" time. Sometimes contacting the service vendors you need can be more challenging than the broken or damaged item in question, especially when said item is vital to the entire community such as the HVAC system, elevator, pool area, etc. This is where Property Management steps in. We do the tedious work of screening and hiring qualified vendors, understanding and acting on service requests, and getting you and your home back on track as soon as possible. For example, when an elevator breaks down in your building, it is not only an inconvenience to members but also a safety hazard. From our extensive history in the trade, we have built up a few insider tips. For example, although one may think that the newest version of an elevator system is the safest and most efficient, The Masters Group knows that older elevator models using an electro-mechanical and servo-motor based system do not break down as often as those using highly integrated sensor-based systems. To ensure that the sensor-based system is as efficient as possible, The Masters Group works closely with elevator maintenance companies to properly set the sensor tolerance levels in order to leverage the safety features without compromising performance. By integrating the right sensors and setting the specification properly in the system, the overall performance can be significantly enhanced and the number of elevator cab failures will decrease dramatically. With an acute knowledge of your Association specifications and layout, The Masters Group will be able to respond to the needs of your community and elevator systems in the shortest time and most economical value. 

The extra care in performing repairs is noted by the detail set forth in our Statement-of-Work (SOW). At The Masters Group, we believe that when an opportunity to repair something arises, the SOW should be completed as thoroughly as possible to ensure the maximum benefit of the member and community at large. For example, when a toilet waste line leak prevents access to the actual waste line under the Unit, the SOW should include a wrapping of the pipes with “Lowry's Acoustical Pipe Wrap Tape”. The pipe wrap provides for reducing splash and activation noises that can be bothersome to occupants residing below. The cost of adding this element is nominal, however, the reduction in noise transmission is dramatic. By knowing the ins, outs, and particular details of a wide array of repairs and taking measures to include these value-adding procedures, The Masters Group is able to provide and additional step of client satisfaction and deliver on the commitment to be an extraordinary property management company.